Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend!

what does a 1 carat diamond ring look like on my hand?

Who hasn’t dreamt about their wedding ring— and the guy who will give it to us? After all it signifies the first phase of our new beginnings. Blinging diamonds give way to the wedding of your dreams and all things weddings – dress, wedding planner, caterer, wedding jewelry and hair…oh my!

But when it comes to carat size and technical stuff, you might as well be land a hovercraft on the Pluto. Because we know that the carat is the weight of the diamond and — sigh — the higher the weight, the higher the price, but what does that even mean? What does it actually look like? On real-people fingers?

Luckily, we've got the answers for you, check out

So without further ado, here's what real diamonds look like on real-girl hands. Now your only issue is discretely sending this to your S.O.(Significant Other!)

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